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Got Rhythm? #FigurenotesChallenge

Rhythm is so intuitive with Figurenotes – the note is as long as it looks! So how does it all fit together? Our newest #FigurenotesChallenge aims to help you/your students understand the relationship between different rhythms through this gentle movement activity. This is the first in a series

Ten Pieces Trailblazers!

The 2019 Ten Pieces are here! Looking for some inspiration for the new school year? Well, look no further. The new BBC Ten Pieces Trailblazers are designed to help challenge the way young people think about orchestral music and 2019’s list features composers that led the way in introducing new

Music Teachers Toolbox

Hello Figurenoters! We are thrilled to announce the programme for our upcoming Music Teachers Toolbox on Saturday 23rd March 2019. First Figurenotes & BBC Ten Pieces  This time around, we will be focusing on Creative Sessions involving Early Years/Primary/ASN and how best to support your partic