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Figurenotes Stickers

Figurenotes Stickers create a match and play system. Find the note on the page and match to the sticker on your instrument. Instant success!

Use on:

Stickers are not used on woodwind or brass instruments. Teach the finger pattern as you usually would and relate it to the Figurenotes shape and colour.

For the best deal get the Value Pack, which contains 5 sheets of stickers – enough for 20 pianos!

Figurenotes Magnets

Figurenotes Magnets are so much fun to use.

  • Composition and Creative Play
    • Pop them on a whiteboard to create your own tune
    • Direct a group by pointing to a note
  • Rhythm games
    • Perfect for adaptable rhythm games, such as this one
    • Change the rhythm and notes on the fly

The notes used are the most commonly used with chime bars, pianos, and children’s voices. All are one crotchet beat. You can use a whiteboard marker to add tails to create longer notes.

For the best deal, the Value Pack contains 2 sheets of magnets.

Festive Figurenotes

Loads of festive fun!

12 Christmas tunes, plus fun games to aid composition and improvisation

All the tunes have a melody and bass part, with 2 songs including chords. Some use of F#, C#, G#, and Bb. Melody lines lie between middle C (red circle) and E an octave above (grey triangle). Bass parts tend to stay in the octave below middle C (squares), with occasional use of the octave below that (crosses).

Early Years

First Figurenotes Pack

Engaging songs and activity ideas for children aged 3-7, ideally set up for small groups

The pack contains:

  • 10 songs with flashcards which can be photocopied for composition via colouring in
  • Movement, action, and composition activities to support each song
  • Introductory booklet
  • Cut-out shapes for creative play
  • DIY Chime Bar Kite

This pack builds from working on pulse, to filling in musical gaps, to creating 4 bar melodies. Unleash your pupils’ creative potential while having a great time with engaging songs and games.

This pack is also available as a bundle with magnets and stickers.

Figurenotes Folk Tunes

A selection of tunes from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Beautiful melodies, alongside chord or bass accompaniment. Includes a handy ‘Guide to Figurenotes’ to help you as you learn.

  1. Lavender’s Blue
  2. Greensleeves
  3. Scarborough Fair
  4. Cockles and Mussels
  5.  Irish Washerwoman
  6. The Last Rose o’ Summer
  7. Scotland the Brave
  8. Sine Bahn
  9. Mairi’s Wedding
  10. All Through The Night
  11. Ash Grove
  12. Calon Lan

Figurenotes Classical Pack

Want to play your favourite classical tunes? This pack contains a selection of famous pieces from your favourite composers. You also get a handy ‘Guide to Figurenotes’ to help you as you learn. This pack is more advanced than our others and is most suited for students who are almost ready for stage 2.

  1. Trumpet Voluntary – Clarke
  2. Pavane – Fauré
  3. Lullaby – Brahms
  4. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring – Bach
  5. Jupiter from The Planets – Holst
  6. Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus – Handel
  7. Waltz from Sleeping Beauty – Tchaikovsky
  8. Spring from The Four Seasons – Vivaldi
  9. Wedding March from Lohengrin – Wagner
  10. William Tell Overture – Rossini
  11. Largo from Winter – Vivaldi

Figurenotes Accessible Music Hub

Get access to an ever-growing library of Figurenotes resources. Tunes, worksheets, creative resources, lesson plans, instrument guides…the possibilities are endless!

Your annual subscriptions gives you unlimited downloads, including editable files you can adapt using your Figurenotes Software.


Figurenotes Software

Create your own resources, compositions, and arrangements from any device with an internet connection with our exclusive web-based Figurenotes software.

Tailor your lessons to your pupils
Figurenotes software allows you to adapt all your teaching material to include Figurenotes stages 1 and 2. This means that you can produce exactly what your pupil needs (note names, Figurenotes in Stage 2, larger parts, etc.) and change this over time.

Write your own tunes
Release your inner Mozart, Taylor Swift or Jimi Hendrix and get creative. Figurenotes software allows you to easily create your own music.

Use with other programmes
Figurenotes software allows you to take a part written in Sibelius, MuseScore, or other notation software and turn it into Figurenotes, and vice versa. You can also export as MIDI and open your creations in programmes like GarageBand or Logic

Create worksheets
Using blank spaces to be filled in by your pupils with different colours means that your worksheets look great and can be created in an instant! You can easily change the size of your Figurenotes bars, so making flashcards for the classroom becomes really simple.

Accessible and Inclusive
The software uses graphic images with very limited text. We also created a clear, fuss-free screen layout, with neutral colours. This enables people with autism, dyslexia, visual difficulties, or difficulty focusing to use the software more easily.

The software works in stages 1 and 2. To create scores in stage 3, we have plugins for MuseScore and Sibelius available via the Figurenotes Accessible Music Hub

Take a look at our Software FAQs and video tutorials for more information.


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