Our Award Winning Figurenotes Software is based on a drag and drop system making it easy to use for everyone.

Tailor your lessons to your pupils
Figurenotes software allows you to adapt all your teaching material to include Figurenotes stages 1 and 2. This means that you can produce exactly what your pupil needs (note names, Figurenotes in Stage 2, larger parts, etc.) and change this over time.

Write your own tunes
Release your inner Mozart, Taylor Swift or Jimi Hendrix and get creative. Figurenotes software allows you to easily create your own music.

Use with other programmes
Figurenotes software allows you to take a part written in Sibelius, MuseScore, or other notation software and turn it into Figurenotes, and vice versa. You can also export as MIDI and open your creations in programmes like GarageBand or Logic

Create worksheets
Using blank spaces to be filled in by your pupils with different colours means that your worksheets look great and can be created in an instant! You can easily change the size of your Figurenotes bars, so making flashcards for the classroom becomes really simple.

Accessible and Inclusive
The software uses graphic images with very limited text. We also created a clear, fuss-free screen layout, with neutral colours. This enables people with autism, dyslexia, visual difficulties, or difficulty focusing to use the software more easily.


The software works in stages 1 and 2. To create scores in stage 3, we have plugins for MuseScore and Sibelius available via the Figurenotes Accessible Music Hub (FAMHub).

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Please note: The old downloadable Figurenotes software for Windows and Mac is no longer available and is likely to stop working as you update your computer in the future. We recommend you subscribe to the web-based software, as there is no longer support for the old version.

If you are using the old version, you may find some answers to your questions HERE

The new web-based Figurenotes Software costs £69.99 for one year. You can access your Figurenotes scores anywhere with an internet connection and never worry about updates again.

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What Our Users Say...

My less able piano pupils are finding piano lessons much more joyful using stage 3 Figurenotes and I'm about to start using stage 1, 2 and 3 at primary school to teach recorder and keyboard.

Felicity Palmer

I’d just like to thank you and the team for an amazing day last Saturday. I’d love if it was on again this weekend! I’ll definitely be over for next one in March.

Luke Cranitch, Music Teacher

I've realised Figurenotes can be used not just in school, but also with my private pupils. Really valuable to try out the practical activities. Thanks very much!

Emma Wright, Primary Teacher

Really brilliant! I learned a lot and had a good time. Keep it up!

Clare McBrien, Community Music Leader

Thank you! It was great to experience Figurenotes in person and have the opportunity to talk to the professionals.

Shannon Stevenson

We were shown the skills to create lessons for all abilities. I'll be able to create arrangements and resources for all levels. The course leaders were great. Excellent delivery of the course. Interactive and easy to understand. Fantastic course, and it was delivered at the right level for me and my knowledge.

Craig Hart, Secondary Music Teacher

Useful to get a refresher for general music teaching, as well as learning how to use Figurenotes. Thank you!

Lorna Williamson, Big Noise Teacher

Lots of new ideas and tips, plus refresher to help think about different music situations. Lots of ideas and good networking opportunities. Thank you!

Gordon Turnbull, Music Teacher (ASN)

Music Teacher's Toolbox has given me a new way to approach teaching, making music easier to understand and play. Everything was fantastic! I got a very comprehensive understanding of Figurenotes. I'll be back for the next one!

Luke Cranitch, Music Teacher

A great day. Many thanks! Really useful to try different things and get new ways to approach introducing rhythm and pulse.

Scott Coutts, Music Teacher (Secondary)

It has been absolutely amazing. I have learned so much from the first session to the whole day. I have so many ideas and I'm more confident going forward. It is perfectly formed. Really valuable to refresh my knowledge and being able to embed the learning. Thank you so much for allowing me to come.

Maureen Malcolm-Gourley

Very good indeed!

Connie Reilly, Music Teacher

Figurenotes will allow me to bring more structured learning to the groups and give the young people access to music theory/learning/playing that they haven't had before.

Janet Butterworth, Support Practitioner

Today's training has been a fantastic experience. Fantastic course and people! Thank you very much!

Justyna Grajewska
Thank you and keep up your good work, as the Figurenotes system has had a major impact on my teaching and learning.
I had a pupil who could not read notation due to Dyslexia. She managed to get an A in higher music with piano as her second instrument. She is now in 2nd year of Teacher Training. It is a fabulous way to learn and is such a confidence builder.
Anne Lawrence – Piano Teacher
The course was very thorough! It was really valuable to have the practical examples and see how many different ways there are to put them into action.
Jelena Sipila
A great mix of engaging activities and useful information. Thanks for the day! This will come in handy 🙂
Jelena Sipila
I gained a thorough understanding of the use of Figurenotes. I have encountered it before, but today I figures out how to use it more professionally. Also, it was great to learn to use the notation software - this will be very helpful in the future.
Jelena Sipila
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This software update was made possible by funding from ScottishPower Foundation.