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Inclusive Resources for BBC Ten Pieces

The team behind BBC Ten Pieces asked us to create more inclusive resources for those that find starting with standard notation difficult. Whether you’re a beginner, have additional support needs, or just love playing with colour, these resources are for you. Introduce your teacher or class to Figurenotes.

Download Figurenotes resources that use the BBC Ten Pieces lists I, II, and III. These can be used by whole classes or individuals. There are creative worksheets, arrangements to play with others, and much more.

Take a look at the resources below and find out more about Figurenotes.

Boy in Red

What is Figurenotes?

A progressive notation that uses colour and shape to show pitch and rhythm. Let it guide you through 3 simple stages to reach standard notation without letting your reading slow your skill on your instrument.

Largo - New World Symph

Figurenotes Resources

You can access even more resources through our Figurenotes Accessible Music Hub (FAMHub). Get an annual subscription for unlimited downloads of BBC Ten Pieces resources and tonnes more!

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Ten Pieces Lists

Download some of the free Figurenotes resources available. Take a look at the three lists from BBC Ten Pieces and see which inspires you. You can create your own resources using the Figurenotes software.

All proceeds from Figurenotes sales go towards enabling disabled musicians to learn, play, perform, and compose. This important work is carried out by Drake Music Scotland. You can learn more on their website.