Figurenotes Collect @ Craigmarloch School

The final leg of Figurenotes Collect is over! This collecting exercise culminated in visiting Craigmarloch School in Inverclyde. Craigmarloch is an exceptional facility born of the amalgamation of the former Lilybank and Glenbank Schools. The school is one of three in the New Port Glasgow Community Campus, working closely with Port Glasgow and St Stephen High Schools to provide valuable shared experiences for all young people on campus.

Craigmarloch itself is unique in being the only special school in Scotland to have two music teachers. Rebecca was lucky enough to meet one, Jill Henderson, a seasoned specialist music teacher with an enormous energy for life! Jill very kindly showed Rebecca around and encouraged her to take part in her sessions. The first session, led by Matilda, an Associate Musician of Drake Music Scotland, was a multi sensory adventure featuring technology, singing, movement and colourful exciting props. It was a beautiful experience and each young person was visibly delighted throughout. Next, Jill and Associate Musician Annona Thorton led a transition session for the upcoming S1 classes where they played exciting music together using Figurenotes.

Figurenotes is perfect for such occasions, allowing young people of varying experience in music play together.

There are over 100 Figurenotes users in Craigmarloch School and an additional 100 in Port Glasgow High School. Wow! Big thanks to Jill, Matilda, Annona and all the lovely staff and pupils at Craigmarloch and Port Glasgow for taking the time to chat and allowing us to be a part of the magic.

If you are using Figurenotes in your school/council/community project we want to hear from you!

Contact Rebecca at for more information or to arrange a visit.


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