Another leg of #figurenotescollect done! And what a day it was! This time around Rebecca visited the lovely Parklands School in Helensburgh. Parklands opened in 1993, a purpose-built school for pupils with Complex Special Educational Needs. Since then the range of provision has been extended and the school now meets the needs of pupils from 5 to 18 years with moderate, severe and profound learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, complex and multiple disabilities and associated emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Rebecca visited Annona Thornton, retired music teacher and one of our Associate Musicians at Drake Music Scotland.  Annona works with a small group of pupils at Parklands using various technologies combined with Figurenotes, enabling these fantastic young musicians at differing levels and abilities to play together. Annona uses Figurenotes colours on a powerpoint presentation, which allows these young musicians to jam along to their favourite songs too! It was such a relaxed atmosphere throughout the whole school. It was wonderful to see these young musicians actively participating in making wonderful music and generally having a great time!

We even busted out the old drum kit and set up for a performance in the Assembly Hall.

Big thanks to all the lovely staff at Parklands School for having me and to Annona Thornton for letting me in on the fun.

If you are using Figurenotes in your school/council/community project we want to hear from you!

Contact Rebecca at for more information or to arrange a visit.


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