Keep an eye out for the postie if you’ve made an order with us recently. Figurenoters receiving stickers, magnets, and tune packs may notice a wee extra in their parcel.

We’ve been gradually improving the environmental impact of our packaging, from compostable ‘plastic’ envelopes, to limiting the amount of paper included in each parcel. Our latest endeavour is blooming beautiful!

Feast your eyes on these little seeded beauties.

Business card sized paper that is slightly lumpy on a pink background. The design is a QR Code in purple with the Figurenotes logo and email address.
Back of the slightly lumpy card that has planting instructions in purple with images for each; plant, soil, water, grow.
  1. Scan the QR code to get support and information on anything Figurenotes related. You can bookmark the Linktree page for the future.
  2. Break your card up into small pieces
  3. Place them in soil and water them lightly

Treat those little seeds well and you’ll be rewarded with some wonderful wildflowers! They’d be perfect for a classroom project.

For more instructions on planting your card, see this blog from the company that creates them.

We’ll be following up with some music resources inspired by nature, so keep an eye on the Hub and our newsletter. Remember that you can upload your own resources to the Hub to share with other teachers too. Let’s build a global network of accessible music educators and facilitators sharing what works; sowing the seeds of inspiration and watching them bloom.


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