Monthly Archives: May 2024

“Renewed and Revived My Passion”

Screenshot of a zoom meeting with 5 white women of varying ages smiling.

Wednesday mornings have never felt so good. We were sad to come to the end of the latest Developing Your Practice course. Luckily, all participants get an individual follow-up session, so we will see their lovely, enthusiastic faces again. “Really loved this training and will be recommending it to others. Lovely tutors who really engaged […]

Tech Army, Assemble!

Group of nine people smiling, standing side by side in a professional manner, in front on a large windowed wall.

Tech Army, Assemble! We’ve never responded to an offer of help so quickly. Scottish Tech Army got in touch to say Drake Music Scotland had been chosen by one of their corporate partners for a day of volunteering. This isn’t your usual volunteering. A team of highly skilled tech folk swoop in and give you […]

Bordering on a Party!

A range of colourful cartoon characters from the story of the gingerbread man- man, woman, fox, pig, cow, dog, sheep, horse, and the gingerbread man in the centre. The picture is divided up so each character has its own square.

“Inspiring, Engaging, Informative, Fun.” “Wonderful training. Thank you!” “I’m feeling so inspired!” Trainees from the Scottish Borders We had an outrageous amount of fun last week delivering training. It was week 2 of our brilliant online course, Figurenotes: Developing Your Practice, which is always a delight. Alongside this, we whizzed down to the Scottish Borders […]


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