“I just love it. It has worked so well!” “Wow! Figurenotes really transformed my lessons. I love it!” “The way of displaying rhythm is brilliant. It makes total sense.” “I’ve tried to use colour before, but Figurenotes is just perfect.” We were drowning in compliments at the ABRSM conference. With over 500 instrumental teachers attending, Emma and Lauren were kept very busy explaining how Figurenotes could help in instrumental lessons. One of the first people through the door was a teacher we met here last year. It was wonderful to hear how Figurenotes has transformed his teaching during the past year, especially in one particular special school. He is now taking his pupils towards stage 2 Figurenotes, so we suggested some ideas from Fi Sharp’s blog. Thanks to the ABRSM for gathering such an interesting group of delegates and exhibitors in one place. So long, and thanks for all the biscuits.

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