One of my favourite jobs on a weary Monday morning after a weekend of training is reading the feedback forms. It is so rewarding to see how valuable this type of training is to so many people. Some of our most experienced Figurenoters were training alongside those completely new to this way of notating and learning music, and everyone found what they were looking for.

Thank you to everyone who came. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your willingness to try new things and new ways of thinking about teaching.

There was a long waiting list for this CPD, so we’ve decided to release 10 places for the next Music Teacher’s Toolbox on 25th March, 2017. Click here for more information. Remember that members of the Resource Base get 10% off using the code RB2017. These days always sell out, so make sure you’re the early bird! Please tell us what you’d like to see on this training day, as we’ll be discussing the programme very soon. Sign up to the mailing list to stay updated.

See some of the feedback from last weekend below:

“Immensely useful. Gained loads of confidence, motivation, and success! Loads of ideas as to how to implement this work within our charity. Everyone was extremely helpful and enthusiastic. Thank you so much. A very interesting and informative day.”

“Lots of new ideas. Wonderful resources for Christmas. Renewed enthusiasm and reminders. Fabulous day! Well worth the trip. Please just keep doing what you’re doing!”

“A great day sharing ideas, resources, and getting a better grip of the Figurenotes software. Loved the band workshops – lots of useful ideas and lots of fun!”

“Excellent day. Very well presented, in an open, friendly setting. Absolutely everything has been useful! Nice to network and I picked up loads of ideas to take forward.”

“I really enjoyed the day and gained more ideas of how to use Figurenotes with pupils. Thank you!”


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