“You’re going to need a bigger boat” – Music Teacher’s Toolbox is proving so popular that we’ve booked a bigger space. Looking at a fully-booked CPD course, we thought we’d better make room for some others, so we have released 2 more places. You can see the full programme and book. Please remember to fill in the booking form to give us a little more information about your work and what you’d like to learn. On November 19th, we welcome a host of musicians and teachers from across the UK for our Music Teacher’s Toolbox training. Not only will they get hands-on experience of using Figurenotes in many different settings, they’ll also have access to the software, expert advice and tuition, and unlimited amounts of fun and inspiration! Our Figurenotes play-together at the end of each training day is a chance for our participants to put what they have learned into practice in a band setting. Most discover a previously undiscovered love of the bass guitar and are surprised at how easily they can play something completely new to them. This experience often influences how Figurenotes can be used in their teaching. We love seeing those ‘Eureka!’ moments when they see which pupils will benefit most from a particular Figurenotes teaching technique. We have just released 2 more places on this previously sold out course, so please get in touch if you’d like to improve your skills in inclusive music in a fun, supportive environment. Find out more on our website.

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