Calling all MuseScore users. Are you up-to-date with MuseScore 4? Have you also updated your Figurenotes plugins?

There are 2 plugins for Figurenotes. The first creates coloured noteheads in Figurenotes colours with just one click.

3 bars of a piano score. The noteheads are coloured the appropriate Figurenotes colours.
An example of the Figurenotes Colours plugin

The second creates shaped noteheads with Figurenotes colours for a slightly easier transition into reading stage 3.

2 bars of a piano score. The noteheads are coloured in the appropriate Figurenotes colours. They are also shaped in circles, triangles, and squares, according to the octave.
An example of the Figurenotes Colours and Shapes plugin

Both plugins have been updated to use with MuseScore 4. You can access them via the FAM Hub or the MuseScore plugin library, where they are helpfully bundled into one package.

We’ve made a little video to help you install your plugin, in case this is new to you. Once installed, it will appear within MuseScore, ready for you to apply to your scores.

You can create stage 1 and 2 scores in our Notate programme. The plugins help you to create stage 3 scores. If you need a refresher on the different stages of Figurenotes, take a look at our Progression pages. We have lots of games in the Hub to help you transition from one stage to the next, moving towards reading standard notation, if that is your goal.


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