As a strange summer stretches before us, musician Francis Moore-Colyer looks ahead to the joy of what is to come.

“After a long time at home, we can start to get excited about the future.

When you feel ill, the very best bit is how good you feel when you’re better again.

When you miss something, the very best bit is how you feel when you get it back.

I miss making music with other people, face to face, in real time. And now I can’t wait to get back to it. There is no better feeling.

It’s going to be amazing to see other people beside me smiling along to the music.

It’s going to be wonderful to feel the energy of other people helping to drive the music onwards.

It’s going to be incredible to react to what other people do when they make music and to see where the music will go.

And it’s going to feel SO GOOD to look people in the eye at the end of a bit of music; to see that moment when we all realise that we’ve just created some magic!

I want to laugh and smile in that moment again – to feel the excitement that comes when we can go back to the start of the music and enjoy it once again!

I want that conversation where we say ‘let’s just go for it, let’s talk with music’ or ‘let’s use our imaginations and just see what happens’

I’m excited to get back to making music with others, in real time, in the future. I hope you are too. For now though, let’s be happy to wait a little while longer, if we have to. Because, after all, it’s this waiting, this missing, this wanting, that will make the moment feel even sweeter.”

What a wonderful ode to music-making and togetherness. This time has been hard on everyone. What have you done to share a musical experience during lockdown?


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