Musician Francis Moore-Colyer shares some ideas for unlocking your creative side during lockdown.

“If you have to stay at home, you might have more time to get creative. Everyone has a creative side, so let yours out!

Thankfully, most of us have access to the internet or recorded music, which means we can play along to our favourite tunes at home. Here is a lovely video from one of my fellow musicians at Drake Music Scotland — enjoy this great Scottish tune!

Firstly, get to know the song or piece of music, inside-out. Listen to it lots. Each piece of music is made up of lots of different individual sounds — the ‘ingredients’ of the music, if you like.

Now, you can find your own ingredients and add these to the mix! Use your imagination, your ears, and any instrument you have and just go for it! What sounds can you find to fit the music? I hope you find this fun 

But what’s all this about instruments? Some of us have them at home, some don’t. BUT…we can all make our own instruments out of things we find around the house. I’ve had fun watching videos on how to make household percussion. Why not have a go yourselves? Try this site for some ideas, or watch the videos below.

There will be more from Francis in his ‘Don’t lockdown your creativity’ series.

Share your videos and pictures with us via social media and let us know what you’ve been up to.


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