If you follow our Facebook page, you may have noticed our new series of video tutorials.

Commissioned by The Space, we have launched a series of ‘How To’ videos giving step-by-step guidance through many aspects of learning to play music with Figurenotes.

Each video tutorial features a different expert from Drake Music Scotland, showcasing plenty of classroom activities, top tips, and creative ideas for you to use with your students.

First, Chris Furness showed us how to set up a Figurenotes 4-string guitar, with tips on how to adapt playing technique for different physical needs.

Niroshini Thambar took us through setting up and playing keys with Figurenotes, including a look at how to play chords.

For early years groups, Caitlin Mulgrew guided us through a song with actions, movement games, and composition activities. Who doesn’t love a bit of creative play on the moon?!

This week, Pete Sparkes demonstrates a brilliantly adaptable exercise for improving rhythm and pulse. You can extend this exercise as far as you want, with melody, instruments, silly actions and noises; your imagination is the only limit.

In the final film of the series, Fiona Sharp demonstrates how chime bars can give students a sense of responsibility and control. She brings a hint of Blue Peter into the classroom with a brilliant, musical, art activity.

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‘No one should be denied a music education that works for them’

Wise words from Thursa Sanderson in the trailer explaining the project.


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