Drake Music Scotland, the charity behind this site, recently won a Curiosity Award. This has allowed us to make a demo Figurenotes app, which we hope will act as preparation before taking up an instrument. The app will develop musical skills in a game-like environment. We don’t know if this app will be made available to the public yet, as it is only a prototype for now, but we wanted to share this exciting news with you all. There is a sneak peek in the photo above.

Lauren recently presented at Light Bytes to tell them how the app is developing. Light Bytes and the Curiosity Awards are run by Creative Edinburgh, Creative Dundee, and We Throw Switches; and supported by Creative Scotland. The app has been developed by Alex Horowitz. We love how he has taken the simplicity of Figurenotes and made a beautiful journey through the clouds, helping you to improve your skills as you go. Fun, motivational, and educational. If you want to see Lauren’s presentation, it was sent out via Periscope on Twitter.


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