Lifesize is a community interest company based in Hastings and St. Leonards-on-Sea, UK. We provide music and arts engagement with young people and adults.

We are focused on delivering a unique and community orientated music and arts provision. We use traditional instruments as well as digital and analogue technology. We are interested in expanding audiences for the musicians and artists that we support, and making new connections through creative collaboration. We work in a variety of settings, including grassroots music venues, community hubs and health and social care settings.

We work with all ages including people with learning disabilities and people experiencing mental and physical health challenges. We aim to support their artistic and musical ambitions while simultaneously working in a responsive and person-centred way, promoting overall wellbeing and self-esteem.

Figurenotes has helped us to enable a creative environment where workshop participants of all abilities are supported to collaborate effectively.

We are having success working with a number of individuals who did not believe they had the ability to play an instrument. Seeing their progress and recognising the feelings of self worth these achievements bring. I have also used Figurenotes to enable groups of young people and adults of varying ability to work together to create music and play music from music scores. It has been a valuable achievement for our organisation to be able to cater for people of all abilities.



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