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Free Resources (78.4 MB) Your Free Figurenotes Bundle – Download everything using this link. Otherwise, take a look through the resources below and download the things you need.

How To Use Your Bundle .pdf – Handy guide to help you make the most of your free resources!

Introducing Figurenotes .pdf – An Introduction to Figurenotes pdf

Circles .pdf – Handy visual showing colours with note names underneath.

Figurenotes-Explained-Presentation .pptx – An Introduction to Figurenotes presentation

FigurenotesRainbow .pdf– Print out your own Figurenotes Rainbow and hang it in your window to brighten other people’s day!

FNBlankRainbow .pdf – Colour your own rainbow for your window using the Figurenotes colours. You can even use your chosen colours to make your own composition.

FNBlankRainbow2 .pdf – Another rainbow design for you to colour, compose and hang in your window.

Composition Activities .pdf – Get inspired with Figurenotes! Compose your own tune using colour and shape.

Mindfulness Activities .pdf – Calming musical activities to do at home.

Introducing Rhythm 1 .pdf – Activities to help your pupils understand basic rhythms. Starting with crotchets and quavers.

If you have the Figurenotes Software, you can edit the .fgn file to suit your needs. So feel free to change key, simplify, add parts – the world is your oyster!


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

SomeWhere Over The Rainbow in C.fgn

SomeWhere Over The Rainbow in C.pdf

SomeWhereOverTheRainbow Gmajor.fgn

SomeWhereOverTheRainbow Gmajor.pdf

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Chords .pdf – A simplified chord pattern.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Easy Glock/Xylo .pdf – Perfect for tuned percussion players

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Keyboard 2 Parts .pdf – Simplified version in C Major for two parts

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Keyboard Melody .pdf – Simplified melody. Great for beginners!


You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine .pdf

You Are My Sunshine .fgn


Ae Fond Kiss by Robert Burns

Ae Fond Kiss .fgn

Ae Fond Kiss .pdf

Fingers .pdf – An alternative print out to stickers for your keyboard or piano.