The Favela Brass Project has been using Figurenotes to teach their students with great success! They provide free instrumental music lessons for children in a small favela in Rio de Janeiro. Founder, Tom Ashe, says that Figurenotes “makes students’ first musical steps as simple and enjoyable as possible.” Their students regularly perform on trumpets, trombones, saxophones, glockenspiels, samba instruments and more! One of their most recent performance was at the Queen’s Birthday celebrations put on by the British Consulate-General in Rio de Janeiro. A huge boost for the students, not only for the prestigious performance opportunity, but also in motivation to practise! To find out more about Favela Brass and their Figurenotes journey, take a look at their website and Facebook page. We particularly like how Tom and his colleagues find new applications for Figurenotes all the time. It is such an adaptable tool to have in your teaching toolbox. Take a look at how they teach fingerings using Figurenotes projected on the wall.

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