Through the work of Drake Music Scotland, Figurenotes has been shortlisted for Best SEND Resource at the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence. After winning the award in 2014, we are delighted to announce that we are finalists for 2016. It is wonderful to have all our hard work recognised and supported in this way.

We have great connections with a lot of the other finalists:

BBC Ten Pieces has Figurenotes resources as part of their brilliant music education initiative, making it easy to incorporate it into your teaching. Congratulations to the BBC Ten Pieces team for being shortlisted for Best Classical Music Education Initiative.

East Ayrshire Council has been shortlisted for Best Education Council Major Award. Drake Music Scotland have used Figurenotes extensively in their work with East Ayrshire Council in schools. It has been a really rewarding relationship and we are extremely pleased for them. SoundCity: Brighton and Hove are also up for this award, who have had Figurenotes training and continue to push for inclusion in their work.

Well done to everyone who made the shortlist, particularly our fellow finalists:

  • Theremini (Moog)
  • Skoog (Skoogmusic)
  • SoundLab (Heart n Soul/Unthinkable Consulting/Goldsmiths/Public Domain Corporation)
  • AlphaSphere

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