This month Figurenotes partnered with Early Years Music Scotland to deliver free training to music practitioners working with early years. We created a workshop that was interactive and informative, focusing on how to use simple notation within early years work.

“Great webinar. Plenty of great ideas that are simple to apply to my class. Thank you!”

Workshop attendee

Figurenotes notation can be a great support for music sessions, making them more accessible (as well as more fun!) This is especially important when working with young children, as many additional support needs aren’t yet discovered at this early age. We need to ensure that everyone can access music, so catering for as many support needs as possible is the best way to go.

More workshops from the EYMS programme:

After a bit of movement with body percussion to get everyone warmed up, we explained how Figurenotes could support early years music. We then led into tasks that encourage creativity and independence, working on our own compositions inspired by objects in our homes. It was a great turnout and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

“We were delighted to kick off our online workshop series with the Figurenotes session – Lauren & Rebecca delivered an engaging, interesting and fun workshop with lots of practical ideas and tools for practitioners to use in their own settings.  Feedback was highly positive and we look forward to working with Figurenotes again in the future.”

Yvonne Wyroslawska, Early Years Music Scotland

Thank you to Early Years Music Scotland for having us. We were the first workshop of many, so head over to their website to see more of their brilliant programme.


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