You booked it – we made it bigger! Due to a rush of bookings, we have decided to release more places for our Music Teacher’s Toolbox on 25th March. Get in quick before we run out of space again. You’ll get expert guidance on using Figurenotes with different instruments and in different scenarios. You’ll learn how to get your students to progress to reading standard notation. Whatever your teaching situation, there’s a way for your music lessons to incorporate inclusive, cross-curricular learning using Figurenotes. Want to create your own resources? You’ll be guided through the software, allowing you to tailor your resources to your pupils’ needs. With warm up ideas, games, and personalised advice, you’ll leave inspired and ready to shake up your teaching. It is also a great chance to network and share good practice. Take a look at the full programme and complete the booking form, so that we can tailor our sessions according to your needs. You can also pay online or request an invoice at checkout. Get in touch if you need to send a purchase order. We’d love to have you there, but you’ll need to book soon, as we always get fully booked!

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