The nicest part of our job here at Figurenotes HQ is when we go out into the big, wide world and share our knowledge of inclusive music education. That magic spark when you see a fire light behind the eyes of a music teacher or practitioner, knowing that what they do with that inspiration will change the lives of their pupils.

We have a pretty full schedule when it comes to training and projects, whether for organisations or schools. We recently did some bespoke training for the Tinderbox Project, Beatroute Arts, the DASH Club, and Aberdeenshire Council. Our upcoming training for teachers in the Scottish Borders will be fun!

Our ever-popular Music Teacher’s Toolbox days are special to us, because they bring together individuals from different organisations, as well as freelance musicians and teachers. Bringing together people from all forms of music education, some of whom often feel quite alone in their area of work, is so beneficial in terms of sharing ideas, good practice, and networking. We are building a wonderful community of Figurenoters, particularly in Scotland, where we see so many people returning each and every course, always excited about what they will get out of it this time round.

If you haven’t got your CPD booked yet, and would love to be inspired by Figurenotes, then enquire through the training pages. Limited places also available on the Music Teacher’s Toolbox on 23rd April, 2016.


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