Did you know that Figurenotes is SQA approved?

You can use Figurenotes for both performance and composition in SQA exams all the way up to Advanced Highers!

This means that accreditation can be opened up to a huge range of people that struggle with traditional notation, whether this is because of additional needs, such as dyslexia, or not. By allowing alternative forms of notation to be used and submitted, the SQA is leading in inclusive music accreditation and is recognising that music is music, regardless of how it is read.

If you would like the exam board that you use to start recognising Figurenotes as an alternative form of notation that can be used in accredited exams, please let them know. We would be delighted to follow up with specific information, but they need to know that teachers and pupils want inclusive accreditation.

This is something we should all be fighting for, regardless of whether you work in mainstream or special education. You never know when one of your pupils will need this support and recognition.


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