We have a new, easy way for people to access stage 3 of Figurenotes.

Figurenotes progresses through 3 stages towards reading standard music notation. Stage 3 is coloured note heads.

Until now, stage 3 has only been available via plugins (available from the Resource Base) for use with Sibelius or MuseScore. Now, the people at Steinberg have incorporated a one-click option without the need for a plugin. This is available within their notation software, Dorico. Get the latest update, launched on 5th December, to access this feature.

By using the Figurenotes Colours feature, you also get larger note heads, making the notation clearer to read. Your sharps and flats remain in black, regardless of the note colour; this seems to be a big plus within our Figurenotes community!

Get your free 30-day trial here.

If you don’t use Dorico, remember you can still access plugins for stage 3 from our Resource Base for Sibelius and MuseScore. Stages 1 and 2 can be created using our own Figurenotes Software. Please check our FAQs before buying.

Having even more ways to access Figurenotes is a huge boost to inclusive music education. We are extremely pleased that Dorico recognises the need for accessible notation and that Figurenotes is part of that process.


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