“I am so excited about this!”

“I’m so glad I came to talk to you. This is great!”

“Ooh, this looks fun!”

Lauren and Emma were greeted with lots of big smiles and lightbulb moments during the ABRSM Conference. Many teachers are looking for extra tools in areas where their students may struggle; some just want a way to make theory or rhythm more fun. It was lovely to connect with teachers in different settings and working with a wide range of pupils. We were able to show how adaptable Figurenotes is for each setting and activity.

Figurenotes was mentioned by Jenni Parkinson in her session ‘Teaching Students with Disabilities and Specific Needs’, which meant a new crop of teachers excitedly approached our stall. We love it when experts share what they use and give people an idea of the tools available. We are thrilled to be one of those tools for Jenni.

Our magnets and rhythm games proved very popular. Teachers could see the benefit of these games straight away, without much explanation from us. The magnets and games can be used to instil pulse and rhythm through practical and engaging activities. You can sneak a lot of theory into a game too!

This year, there was increased interest in bespoke training for music hubs, especially in the south east of the UK, where Figurenotes is gaining popularity. Teachers are recognising that Figurenotes isn’t just for people with additional support needs, but works for all beginners. This is what we mean by inclusive music. By using Figurenotes in as many settings as possible, we are able to support each pupil’s needs, while making it easier for everyone to learn music.

For those that can’t wait for bespoke training, try Music Teacher’s Toolbox. Award-winning training for music practitioners and educators, these hands-on days of CPD will help you to unlock every pupil’s potential in an inclusive environment. Join us in Edinburgh on Saturday, 18th November, 2017. Only a couple of spaces left.


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