Intro to Figurenotes – A document to explain Figurenotes. Good for when you need a hard copy for your support staff.


Fingers – Place these on the keyboard when you don’t wish to use stickers.



Software Cheat Sheet

Software Tutorial v2.2 from Music Teacher’s Toolbox in Glasgow (using v2.2)

Software Tutorial v1 – Takes you through simple tasks using Figurenotes Software version 1

Software Tutorial From Figurenotes Good Practice Day 05.10.13. Will take you through basic functions of Figurenotes Software version 2.


Creative Resources

Construct the dice from these templates, preferably using card, and roll to decide on note lengths and colours for your piece.

Figurenotes Dice – Rhythm and Note lengths

Figurenotes Dice – Colours


Figurenotes Fun Composing Tools – Bright ideas for composition and improvisation


Figurenotes Composing Game – Based on the fortune teller game you probably played at school, helping you to choose rhythms and colours for your composition.


Handouts from ‘Using Resources in Creative Ways’ session – Figurenotes Good Practice Day 22.02.14

Compose your own Figurenotes tune

Figurenotes Creative Music Session – Film Music

Figurenotes fun composing tools



Chord Symbols – Large symbols to use as flashcards


Smaller Chord Symbols – Try laminating these and using them in the classroom. You could even turn them into magnets!


More Chords



Below are the sheets from the instrument session at the April 2013 Good Practice Day

Figurenotes Woodwind Fingering Chart

Figurenotes Recorder Fingering Chart

Figurenotes using Different Instruments

Figurenotes Violin

Figurenotes with Transposing Instruments