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Andantino in G - Elgar

A lovely little Andantino written for violin by Elgar (Op. 22, No. 4)

Andantino in G – Elgar (inc. dynamics) .pdf

Andantino in G – Elgar .pdf

Andantino in G – Elgar .fgn

Finlandia Hymn - Sibelius

Written in F major, but you can change the key using the Figurenotes software. There are many hymns associated with this music, including Be Still My Soul. SATB part can also be played by appropriate instruments.

A beautiful celebration of Figurenotes’ Finnish roots.

Finlandia Hymn – Sibelius – melody line .pdf

Finlandia Hymn – Sibelius – melody line .fgn

Finlandia Hymn – Sibelius – SATB .pdf

Finlandia Hymn – Sibelius – SATB .fgn


Mattachins, often known by other names, is a sword dance written by Thoinot Arbeau. There are versions here for violin, recorder, and clarinet. You can adapt the .fgn file (at the top of the list) to your own requirements, as long as you have the Figurenotes software.


Mattachins Violin .fgn

Mattachins-violin .pdf

Mattachins-clarinet .pdf

Mattachins-recorder .pdf

Minuet - Bach

This Minuet is in G major, making it ideal for pianists and violinists.

Full score –

Bach – Minuet .pdf

Bach – Minuet .fgn


Melody line –

Bach – Minuet (melody line) .pdf

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